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State University (P10)


Belarusian State University (BSU) is one of the main and oldest educational establishments in Belarus, founded in 1921. Nowadays BSU incorporates twenty faculties, also research institutes, and research centers. Total personnel employed at the BSU is 8032 (including 7 580 full-time specialists), including over 2 400 academic staff members. The total number of students enrolled at all levels of education – 34 200, including more than 2000 international students from more than 40 countries worldwide. BSU offers Higher Education Programs in 56 specialities and 256 specializations, Master Programs in 47 specialities, and PhD Programs in 114 specialities. The university prides itself on being actively involved in the world’s scientific and innovation initiatives. The majority of university projects are funded by international funds and institutions: the European Union tools (Erasmus Mundus, Tempus, Jean Monnet, TAIEX, Youth in Action; Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus Cross-border Cooperation Programmes), UNESCO, Visegrad Fund, Council of Europe, IFESCCO. Some projects are implemented with financial support of the European countries (SIDA (Sweden), Baltic University Programme (Sweden), CIMO (Finland), DAAD (Germany), etc. Also annually BSU units carry out almost 100 international projects in the frameworks of such programs as FP 5-7, ISTC, NATO, CERN, UNDP, ENPI, VISBY, etc. Center for Sociological and Political Researches of Belarusian State University (CSPR-BSU) is a leading sociological agency in the Republic of Belarus. CSPR has over 20 of research staff working in the fields of sociology, political science, economy, psychology, organisation of quantitative and qualitative research and data processing. The centre has a long-standing network of about 200 trained and experienced interviewers, covering all regions of Belarus, which enables instant access and effective response. The Center is a national partner of the Eurasia Barometer, European Values Survey and World Values Survey research programs. CSPR-BSU participated in a dozen of INTAS research projects, successfully represented Belarus in the European Commission’s multilateral FP5 and FP7 projects. CSPR BSU will contribute to the development of research tasks assigned under the work plan.
David ROTMAN, professor of Sociology, is one of the leading specialists in the techniques of organisation and conducting sociological researches at the post-soviet territory. He is an author of the conception of operative sociological researches, created a number of original techniques of sociological studies. David G. Rotman is a vice-chair of the Belarusian Sociological Association; a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the World Values Survey Association, vice-chief editor of the peer reviewed Belarusian sociological journal “Sotsiologiya”. David has a rich hands-on experience of coordinating national surveys in Belarus within large-scale cross-country international survey research projects. David successfully managed FP5, FP7, INTAS, EBRD, WB, UNISEF, IFC, UNDP, EVS projects in Belarus. Role in the project: local coordinator, teaching, research, events deliverable activities.
Victor PRAVDIVETS  is a researcher with excellent analytical mind, first-class writing skills, perfect presentation competence. He has been working at the Center for Sociological and Political Researches of Belarusian State University for twelve years in sum, defended a Doctoral dissertation in Sociology on combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods. Dr. Pravdivers has been participating and managing Center’s research projects, analysing data, preparing research reports, delivering the outcomes of research. Victor’s research focus is research methods in sociological studies, political behavior, electoral studies, migration intentions of the citizens of Belarus and Belarusian naturals. Victor has participated in CSPR’s research projects on migration issues conducted for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Belarus, Ministry of Information of Belarus, the Belarusian Republic Foundation of Fundamental Research and others. Role in the project: research, events deliverable activities.


Larissa FILINSKA is an experienced researcher and university teacher. She has successfully participated in a number of CSPR’s research projects as a team leader, project manager, fieldwork manager, analyst. Dr. Filinska is a talented university teacher with a vast experience of teaching Sociology of Economics for dozens of years.  Role in the project: teaching, research, events deliverable activities.
Anna MARKOVICH has a 15-year experience of administering international research projects, including FP5, FP7, INTAS and others. Anna also is a skilled translator and a researcher whose interests are in the field of political linguistics, in particular, integration studies including the European Integration. Professional activities: administration of international projects, administration of joint research projects, budget planning, project reporting, quality assurance, internal evaluation, organizational support for project meetings, seminars and other events. Role in the project: teaching, research, events deliverable activities.