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Quadrivium, Ukraine (P8)


Quadrivium” is a scientific NGO aimed at conducting scientific research and providing policy recommendations. We seek to fulfill the following mission: interdisciplinary study of significant achievements of social and cultural, political and legal, moral and valuable experience in the Western countries for further spreading and implementation of these imperatives into Ukrainian society. Our expert team is: • conducting analysis of Ukrainian and European social and political processes (e.g. policy recommendations “Guide for Best Practices. From Inspiration to Implementation: Europeanisation Process in Ukraine”; roundtables: “Humanitarian Policy and Cultural Diplomacy of Ukraine”, 2015, “Europe in the Cultural and Civilization Dimension”, 2014, etc.); • working on scientific researches, analytical reports, expert assessments (48th Annual ASEEES Convention, 2016, International Conference ‘Instrumentalizing the Recent Past in Foreign Policy – The Legitimization of External Intervention in the Former Soviet Space’,2016, International Conference EURINT “The Eastern Partnership under strain – time for a rethink?”, 2016, the  panel discussion “In and Out: Understanding the European Union Beyond Its Borders”, 2015, at the roundtables:  “Multiethnic Bukovyna”, 2015, “Information Security of Ukraine in the Conditions of the Undeclared War”, 2014; • editing and publishing of didactic, monographic and periodical literature (book “Foreign Policy of Ukraine: current agenda”, the international journals “Scientific Bulletin of the Institute for Political and Geopolitical Researches” and ,,Studia Humanitatis”); • organizing courses, seminars, workshops, conferences (winter school “The Values of the United Europe and the Ukrainian Society: Problems of Correlation and Mechanisms of Transition”, 2017, panel discussion “The European Values and Ukraine: Myths and Realities”, 2016, youth exchange “United by Future”, 2016, the international workshop “From Inspiration to Implementation: Europeanisation Process in Ukraine”, 2016, seminar-training “Rumors as an Additional Source of Conflicts”, 2015, the roundtable “The necessity to engage: the Eastern Partnership and grassroots involvement”, 2015, IX International scientific conference “Foreign Policy of Ukraine: Current Agenda”,2015, training within Leadership school, 2014); • developing programmes and tools for support of civic society institutions and promoting European values (project “Scientia est potentia: Education without Borders”, lectures within the International German-Ukrainian-Moldavian School “Learning the Civic Society by Youth – the Basis of Support for Dialogue and Mutual Understanding in the Borderland” etc.).
TEAM COORDINATOR: dr. Nadiia Bureiko
Nadiia BUREIKO is vice-head of NGO “Quadrivium”, head of Programme for Europeanisation studies at Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism” and a researcher at the Center for Governance and Culture in Europe, University of St. Gallen. She is a holder of the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship (2014) and Pontica Magna fellowship (2015). MA in International Relations and PhD in Political Science at Yurii Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, Ukraine. Nadia is a member of Jean Monnet project “The Eastern Partnership under strain – time for a rethink?”. She is also a coordinator of the projects “From Inspiration to Implementation: Europeanisation Process in Ukraine” co-funded by the International Visegrad Fund, “Bukovyna as a Contact Zone” co- funded by Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation, “United by Future” co-funded by Polish-Ukrainian Youth Exchange Council etc. She is a participant and organiser of more than 60 scientific and practical conferences and workshops in more than 20 countries. Academic interests include Europeanisation process, foreign policy of Ukraine, migration policy, national identity, public diplomacy. Role in the project: she is the local project coordinator from the NGO “Quadrivium”, responsible for the coordination and management of the events, monitoring of specific research activities, budget control, and submission of reports on outcomes.
Inna KUBAY (dr.) is head at the scientific NGO “Quadrivium”. Currently she also works as a scientific secretary at Yurii Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University and is an assistant professor at Chair of International Relations, Department of History, Political Science and International Relations. She previously pursued PhD in Political Science and MA in International Relations at Yurii Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, Ukraine. She has been doing her fellowships and conducting research at Jagiellonian, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Prague universities. Her main academic interests include political history of Central and Eastern Europe, reform of high education in Ukraine with regard to the European practices. She is a participant of more than 25 scientific conferences and round tables in Ukraine, Poland and Germany. Role in the project: research, events deliverable activities.


Maria PROTSYUK is project assistant at the scientific NGO “Quadrivium”. She is also a PhD student at Yurii Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, Ukraine. She previously pursued MA and BA in International Relations, Country Studies, at the same university. She is a participant at the 10th session of the “EU Study Days” in Ukraine, Higher Political School and School for Public activists. Her main academic interests include soft power and public diplomacy, foreign policy of Ukraine, EU foreign policy. Role in the project: research, events deliverable activities.