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Promotion of Intercultural Cooperation, Odessa, Ukraine (P7)


NGO “Promotion of Intercultural Cooperation”  (founded in 2008) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization based in Odessa, Ukraine, which aims to promote international cooperation and intercultural dialogue. The goal of PIC is to raise awareness in different groups (youth, students, business, journalists, state and local authorities, academics, etc.) to the problems of international, intercultural relations, global and local socio-political problems. NGO “PIC” is a member of the Association of the Regional Analytical Centers of Ukraine, National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum and National Platform of the Civil Society Forum “Ukraine-EU”, consortium “Ukrainian Peacebuilding School”. NGO PIC involves both in research and practical actions. NGO PIC has an experience in youth and educational projects on the international relations topics, as well as work with an academic society. NGO PIC is regularly involved in research, especially on regional cooperation, transborder issues, democratisation and foreign policy, as well as teaching and round-tables organization. Organization has both permanent staff - 7 people and affiliated staff – 20 people, who are attracted according to the project implemented. In 2015-2016 main projects were – Analytical Journal “UA: Ukraine Analytica” http://ukraine-analytica.org, Index of the Regional Eurointegration (sponsored by the European Commission); Ukrainian Peacebuilding School (sponsored by the British Embassy), Strategies of the Regional Development (sponsored by the  European Commission); Council on Foreign Policy “Ukrainian Prism”.
TEAM COORDINATOR: dr. Hanna Shelest
Hanna Shelest is Editor-in-chief of analytical journal UA: Ukraine Analytica, Head of the Board of the NGO “Promotion of Intercultural Cooperation” and Member of the Board at the Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism”. Prior to this, she had served for more than 10 years as a Senior Researcher at the National Institute for Strategic Studies under the President of Ukraine, Odessa Branch. Previously she also had experience in teaching at Odessa National University and International Humanitarian University and as a Visiting Research Fellow at the NATO Defence College (Rome, 2014). Her main research interests are security and cooperation, especially in the Wider Black Sea Region, foreign policy of Ukraine. She has more than 50 academic and more than 100 articles in media published worldwide. She is regular presenter at the international conferences and commenter for the media. Dr. Shelest is a member of the Joint Decision-making committee of the Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Program “Ukraine-Moldova”. Dr. Shelest is a John Smith Fellow 2012, Marshall Memorial Fellow 2015/2016. Ms. Shelest has a PhD in International Relations. Role in the project: local coordinator, research, events deliverable activities
Olga Brusylovska (professor dr.) is the Chair of the Department of International Relations at Odessa National University, Ukraine. Department regularly organizes international conferences and workshops both for academia and student. Her academic interests are in a realm of post-communist transformation and Eastern Europe, understanding how strong this transformation depends on external factors, first of all on EU policy towards the East European countries. Dr. Brusylovska has about 80 publications in scientific issues in Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Poland. She regularly participates in international conferences around the world. She has been a member of International Peace Research Association (IPRA), University Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES), International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR), and European Sociological Association (ESA), European International Studies Association (EISA), International Political Science Association (IPSA) till now. Role in the project: research, events deliverable activities.